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Let's look at Sensory Intelligence

Do you:

  • Love big parties and social gatherings?

  • Get easily bored when spending time alone?

  • Regularly invites friends and family over during weekends?

Or do you:

  • Prefer to get togethers with only one or two close friends at a time?

  • Are you overwhelmed easily when there are too many people around?

  • Prefer to say no to more than one social gathering during a weekend?

If your answers align with the top three scenarios, you might be a sensory seeker (a leaf on the Sensory Tree™). This means you intuitively need more sensory input from your environment, enjoy spending time with loved ones, and dislike social isolation.

If you relate more to the bottom three options, you could be a sensory avoider (a root on the Sensory Tree™). These individuals cope better with less sensory input, seek out alone time, and sometimes prefer social isolation.

If you identify with both from time to time, you might be a sensory neutral (a trunk on the Sensory Tree™). Your choices aren't necessarily influenced by a need for more or less sensory input. Instead, your preference for social isolation can vary depending on the situation or your mood.

Discover more about your needs based on your sensory profile and sensory intelligence developed by Dr Annemarie Lombard. Contact our OT, Charisma for more info on 0723835084

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